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fr-noun m
  1. world
    Chacun a le droit de vivre sur le monde.
    Everyone has the right to live in the world.
  2. people
    Le monde m'agaçe quelquefois. - People annoy me sometimes.
    La salle était noir de monde.






  1. Feminine plural form of mondo

Extensive Definition

Monde is a Communications Consultancy Agency located in Latvia's capital, Riga. It has been founded in the November 2004, being led by Ilze Lapiņa and Dace Skadiņa.
The main services Monde offers are:
  • Complicated crisis management
  • Media relations & training
  • Different kinds of texts, like leaflets or newspaper-articles
  • Event management


This is a list of some of Monde's customers:
An excerpt of previous customers:

Future plans

Up to now Monde has been limiting their activities to the Baltic States; from 2006 on they are going to expand to Western Europe as well, with the first target country being Germany, where Monde has connections to and already works together with some companies.

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Vanity Fair, beau monde, beautiful people, best people, cafe society, carriage trade, cream of society, drawing room, elite, fashionable society, good society, haut monde, high life, high society, in-crowd, jet set, jeunesse doree, people of fashion, polite society, right people, salon, smart set, social register, societe, society, the Four Hundred, upper crust, uppercut, world of fashion
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